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Singer/songwriter with unique blend of blues rock, alt-country & pop sensibilities

Brand New Album - Del Thomas #3

Demos complete and ready to hit 'record' with the band!

Since the release of his second album, 'Shifting Sands' back in 2015, Del's been busy writing more new songs - some of which have already been played at recent gigs. And he's also delved back into his huge archive of songs written over the years and resurrected several which have been revamped and have been tried out at a couple of recent gigs and went down well with the audiences. So, if your memory goes far enough back to his first band in NZ, Glass Onion, you may even recall Think of Yesterday and Fault Line which have been given a new updated sound.

The band, Dougal Speir, Elliotte Fuimoano and Mo Phillips will be gathering in Summerfield Studio in the next couple of weeks to record this batch of songs and the album should be ready for release towards the latter part of the year.

The last album, 'Shifting Sands' was a bit rockier than the first one and on this next album the sound promises to be a mix of heavier blues-rock but with several quieter bluesy acoustic songs to balance the sonic landscape. And, once again, there will be a couple of instrumentals with a slight Celtic feel to them! 

As with the previous albums, many of the songs come from a mix of personal experience, observation of other people’s situations and ideas that might just come from an overheard comment in a conversation. In the case of Think of Yesterday, Del remembers standing waiting for a train to take him into work one morning. A lady walked past him and he caught the smell of the perfume she was wearing which, for some reason, instantly reminded him of one of his first girlfriends when he was still at university. This was enough to bring the phrase 'think of yesterday' to his mind and, by the time, he'd reached Wellington train station, he'd jotted down the lyrics to the song and had a melody in his head - which he then had to remember until he could pop out at lunchtime and find an acoustic guitar in one of the music stores in town! And so 'Think of Yesterday' was born and went on to be one of the more popular songs in Glass Onion's repertoire!

But, as ever, whatever the source of the initial idea for a song, the lyrics are crafted in a way that most people can relate to. Catchy choruses and bluesy guitar hooks abound. 

We're sure that Del and the band will succeed in creating yet more cool radio-friendly songs with a touch of blues, country and folk - what a great mix! 

And, just in case you haven't already bought either of the first two albums, here's a link to the Bandcamp page where you can buy the tracks or the whole album

And remember, 'Driving Home Alone' and 'Shifting Sands' are still available on iTunes and Amplifier.

Check back here regularily for updates on the recording process and news of release dates and gigs.


*All live photos courtesy of Don Laing

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